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Freezer Cooking, 8 Chicken Meals in an Hour

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Make Dinner Easier with Freezer Meals

This chicken freezer meals ebook will teach you how to make 8 delicious dinners in less than an hour. 

The secret to getting so many meals down in so little time is there is no pre-cooking at all. All that is needed is to portion the chicken add it to the freezer bags with the marinade. It’s really that simple to do.

And this ebook can show you how!

This Isn't Just Recipes

This ebook shows you how to...

Prep your work surface for easy clean up

The three steps I take before I even get the chicken out of the refrigerator to start.

What kind of cutting board I’ve found works best.

How I cut the chicken up to minimize the waste and maximize the meals.

A shopping list of all of the ingredients needed to make the meals.

Each recipe has a list of other ingredients (if any) that are needed when you prepare the meal. So you’ll know you have what you need on hand.

Plus, I’ve included side dish recipes with each chicken freezer recipe. For each side dish recipes, there’s a list of ingredients needed and instructions to prepare each side dish.

It’s like having a meal plan in each recipe so you don’t have to even think about what to serve with the chicken.

Get the Inventory Sheet too...

When you purchase the ebook you'll get an inventory sheet that you can edit before you print it.

So you can track all those yummy freezer meals you have tucked away in your freezer.

What You Get...

This product is a digital product, nothing will be mailed to you.

What you'll get is an ebook to download and a bonus pdf sheet to track what you have stocked in your freezer.

See our download tips if you haven't downloaded an ebook before.
Make 8 freezer meals with chicken in an hour.
Use this cookbook on your digital device or print it.
Freezer Cooking, 8 Chicken Meals in an Hour


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Customer Reviews

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Kathy Barbro
I didn't know that!

I've been experimenting with chicken recipes for YEARS, and never tried marinating them IN the freezer before! I don't know why, no one ever mentioned that was an option. I can't wait to try out the Cashew Chicken Stir Fry!